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Writing Quick Press Releases / Media Releases

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Writing Quick Press Releases / Media Releases

Raouf Shabayek رءوف شبايك
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Boosting Sales & Marketing With Press Releases

A CEO of an events company told me his story with press releases. His company was organizing an event, and his marketing team sent out a press release about it. Same day, a big company sent a booking order for the following edition of the event.


Because when they saw the printed press release in the newspaper, they knew they must be part of that show. For the following 5 years, this client has been a repeat customer.

Press Releases can and will boost your Sales and Marketing initiatives, that is why BIG companies like Apple, Uber, Microsoft, and even old IBM, they all issue press releases to this date. You can (and must) do the same as well.

But how can I write a press release?

Easy. This Guide is full of titles, sub titles, opening paragraphs, quotes, stats, etc. as examples taken from real successful press releases, which you can edit and use right away.

Copy what you like, customize it to your needs, and then start writing your press release. It's that easy!

Copywriting, Power Words Included

My Guide includes a crash course in Copywriting, which will help you to unleash the brilliant copywriter in you. I've also included a list of 1000+ Power Words, those powerful and persuasive words tried and tested to generate high CTR, ROI, results, sales, CTA. You can consult the Power Words List to improve your copy any time.

Writing Press Releases is EASY.

As a marketing copywriter for many moons, I helped in writing hundreds of press releases. In doing so, I started to hand-pick the brilliant titles and phrases from actual press releases that caught my attention. Later on, I started coming back to my special list for inspiration and ideas. Those have grown to be this GUIDE you are about to read!

Nothing to Lose

A PR agency can take care of writing your press releases (for a handsome amount of money), OR you can write that press release yourself in the beginning and test the waters.

Package Contents:

1 - My Guide to Writing Quick Press Releases [PDF format].

2 - Copywriting 101: How to Craft Amazing Copy (with no experience) [PDF]

3 - 25 Tips for Writing the Great Press / News Release [PDF]

4 - 1000+ Power Words List That'll Instantly Make You a Better Writer [PDF]

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